“Creating Opportunities For Young Learners Resulting In A Better Life For All South Africans”

The Leisure Education Trust was started in 2005 with the aim of creating better South Africans by allowing them access to a higher standard of education. Our heartfelt thanks go to all our sponsors and supporters who have contributed so freely and generously. 2013 has been very busy for us and our learners, including matrics, are well focused on meeting the challenges of this year. The trust has embarked on a number of new initiatives including providing the testing for other educational trusts, working with specific high schools and assisting in the educational needs of the Home from Home Trust. Every one of the learners in the trust is given a full membership of WESSA to promote a concern for the well-being of our environment.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Our mission is to provide a structure within which interested Donors, wanting to make a difference, can assist Learners from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing the financial means for them to attend a winning school system and succeed in their education and future career choices.

Vision: The Trust strives to monitor and enhance the results of a successful student reaping the benefit of a superior Secondary Education which will enable them to enter a Tertiary Education and career of their choice instead of one restricted by their original disadvantaged circumstances.

Modus Operandi

The Trust initiates the selection process by approaching primary schools that serve disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape. These academically talented Grade 7 learners are tested and the high achieving learners are selected. A Selection Committee proposes candidates who are then approved by the Board of Trustees. The selected candidates are placed in high schools, which have a strong tradition of Mathematics and Science teaching, as well as a positive social/cultural lifestyle. Learners enter and are supported by the Trust at the beginning of their Grade 8 year and are sponsored until they complete Grade 12. Every Learner is regularly monitored to ensure their educational and social needs are attended to. This ensures the development of a culture of learning in the learners and prepares each of them for tertiary education. Over time the intention is to build a strong relationship of trust, honesty and integrity between the Trust, Learners the Schools, the Communities and the Donors. Some of our learners have been very successful in their matric results and to date every matriculant has gone on to further their studies.

How can you get involved

Education plays a most important part in any person striving to achieve success. What makes this effort unique is that every Learner is sponsored for the duration of his/her high school career by people who want to make a difference in today’s competitive environment. Sponsors will be able, if they so wish, to follow the progress of the individual Learner.

100% of your donation is spent directly on the Learners. All administration costs of the Trust will be covered by other sources. The structure of the Trust is such that donors are able to seek tax relief for a portion of their taxable earnings for both individual and other entities.

If you would like to become involved and feel you want to help make a difference in the Western Cape by making a financial commitment to The Leisure Education Trust, please approach us either telephonically, by e-mail or in writing using the contact details below.

A reminder – the entire charitable donation you make to the Trust is used in enhancing the educational and social well-being of each sponsored Learner. No portion of your donation is used to finance the administrative costs of the Trust.

For any further information on the Leisure Education Trust or to make donations, please contact:  Ed Chantler on 021 761 3093, 076 163 6986 or email ed@leisuregroup.co.za

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